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Pippa's Diary

1 May 12

Hi Mum, we had a great time today, I went out with Hansi, Dritta and Harry we went to Nayland and saw lots of flooding, played in the water a bit then went for a walk along the river, we met 2 dogs, saw lots of horses and sat by the river for a little while before heading back.  I'm exhausted now :)

See you soon
Love Pippa x

3 Apr 12
Hi Mum, I went out today with Harley and Lily in Stoke by Nayland.  We had a great time, saw another freshly dead bunny, I was just about to tuck in when Rachael came and put me on a lead, seriously Mum, I think you should have words with her!

I have told Rachael that she doesn't need to walk me until the end of April cause I'm going on holiday, yay!

See you soon
Love Pippa x

23 Mar 12
Hi Mum, Hansi, Dritta and I went to Nayland today, I really like Nayland.  It was a lovely day and I was on my best behaviour.  I didn't go in the water today, but I did wet my feet a little and Rachael said this was ok.

I becoming really good friends with Hansi, he's so cool Mum and knows all the good spots to sniff :)

See you soon
Love Pippa x

20 Mar 12 
Hi mum, this is a picture of me by the river at Nayland, I went with Dritta and Hansi today and had a great time.  I did fall in the river on the way home it wasn't very deep but deeper than me....Rachael made sure I was ok and then burst out laughing :)

See you soon 
Love Pippa x 

17 Mar 12 
Hi mum, went out with Hansi and Dritta today, they were both high energy today so Rachael kept hold of my lead more than usual, but that was ok, I'm exhausted now :)

Rachael said I'm such a good girl when we get home as I go straight to my bed and play with my kong as she leaves :)

See you later 
Love Pippa x 
12 Mar 12 
Hi mum, today I went out with my friends again Harley and lily, I thought I was being good but Rachael said I've been better, I chased a pheasant today in somebodies garden and while I was on my way back my lead got caught so I sat down like a good girl and waited for Rachael, she was a little embarrassed because I was sitting in somebody's garden which Rachael told me was private property, but I don't know what that means :) oh and I laughed when Harley fell in their pond, silly Harley!
See you later mum, love Pippa x 
9 Mar 12 
Hi mum, this is me with my friend Harley and his new girlfriend lily (not jealous at all!) she's just moved in with Harley and is 6 months younger than me.

We had a great time today, I had a much shorter lead on today as lily needed the long one and apparently I'm  such a good girl that I have graduated��
See you soon x 

6 Mar 12 
Hi mum, I fell in a big pond today, I was just walking along the edge minding my own business then plop I fell in, Rachael was surprised at how calm I was and how well I coped on getting out I didnt need help at all.

Then we went back to Cobber to take him for a walk around his really really big garden as he's got a problem with his ticker so can't go very far at the moment.

Then I went back to Rachael's and played with Hansi and Dritta for a bit then went home. :)

All in all I had a great time, see you soon
Pippa x 
24 Feb 12 
Hi mum, this is a picture of me at ager fenn where I went on my walk today with Hansi and Dritta.  Have I been here before? Anyway had a great time, I was so tired that as soon as I got home I went straight into my crate to have a good sleep :)
See you soon love Pippa x 
14 Feb 12 
Hi mum, I went to gr Cornard country park with Cobber today, we met a Labrador called Leo and three border collies the one I lined was called storm :)

I got very muddy as you will see from the towel by the door, sorry mum but I couldn't help it it was very slushy.

See you soon and happy valentines day x


10 Feb 12 

Hi mum, wow, what a day I've had, met somebody else today, a little jack Russell called Harry who is staying with Rachael at the moment. I can't say he's a friendly chap, to start with I was a little wary of him but then while we were waiting for Hansi I started a little game with him.....I think he likes me now but he'll never admit it :)

We were also out for longer than usual because Hansi got lost, ha ha, silly Hansi.

See you later mum 
Love Pippa xx  
7 Feb 12 
Hi Mum, I had lots of fun in the snow today with my friend Cobber. Then we went back to Cobber's house for some tea and I was really well behaves, it's really hard work running in snow and I'm exhausted now.
See you soon 
Pippa x 

3 Feb 12 
It was just me and Rachael today, had a really nice time, I wish I could tell you about all the smells I investigated, as that was the main part of my enjoyment :)

This is a picture of me running to Rachael, I still have a long line on but I just drag it behind me.

Hope your having a nice day at school, see you soon xx

31 Jan 12

Hi mum, we went somewhere different today, I was with my friend Harley and a dachshund called Cobber and we went to Cornard country park and it was snowing. Me and Harley played nonstop, now I'm very tired and will have a sleep while I wait for you to get home. Love Pippa xx 
27 Jan 12 

Hi mum, this is my new friend Harley, I had such a lovely time today, I went out with 3 other dogs Hansi and Dritta (Rachael's dogs) and Harley, I was part of a pack and it was great. Rachael allowed me a little more freedom today as well since I was staying with the others, I still had the long line on but she let me trail it for a while :)

I did get really muddy too so Rachael used the blue towel when we got home as you will notice.

See you soon mum, more pic to follow. 
Love Pippa x 
17 Jan 12 
Hi mum, Rachael had problems sending you my message yesterday.

I had an excellent walk with my new friend Thor, he is a big black very handsome lab. We got on great, I think he really likes me cause he said see you next week when I said goodbye to him :)

I was also very well behaved and Rachael thinks it won't be long before you can trust me off lead, but I don't mind being on the long lead with Rachael at all.

Looking forward to Friday mum.

See you soon 
13 Jan 12 
Wow Mum, I went on a really big walk today and it was great. I was really good with the long line that Rachael put on me and it felt like I was off lead.

Here is a picture of me, the quizzical look on my face was me listening to a funny sound that Rachael made, we had a really good game after that.

Rachael thought my recall was really great, I had such fun mum.

Rachael left me a small bowl of water for me in my crate which I will try and not spill!

Looking forward to you coming home. 
Love Pippa xx 

10 Jan 12 
Hi mum, I was really really well behaved today and Rachael told me that she thinks I'm great... Between you and me, I think I've totally won her over :)

I didn't have a big walk today as we were getting to know each other, we went over to the football field and really bonded with a great chase game, then we went home and had a game of ball in the garden where I could show off my fetching skills that you taught me.

I've just had a mad 5 minutes around the garden, I think I'll have a sleep now and wait for you to get home.

See you later mum
Love Pippa xx