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Harley & Lily Diary

13 Apr 12

Hi mum, we had such a great day today, so firstly we hung out with two cocker spaniels called Ronnie and Reggie, then we went home for a little while and got to hang out with Dawn and then we went back to Rachael's and saw Hansi and Dritta then we went to meet a new friend called Juno, she's a boxer and she smelt great :)

We went for a lovely walk with her around, she knew all the great spots to sniff and all the great places to paddle too. We also met a springer spaniel on the way back and Juno and me had a really good game on the way back. She thinks I'm great :)

See you soon mum
Love Harley and lily xxx

5th Apr 12

Hi Mum, I want to write today's diary as Harley always does so now it's my turn.  So we had a great time today, played lots in the garden with Harry, I think he really likes me :)  then we went to Arger Fen and played a bunch in the big field, then walked around, I was completely off lead and I was really good Rachael says, we met a brown labrador but I didn't take too much notice as I was having such a good game with Harley at the time.  I found a really good smell on the ground, so I decided to rub it all over my neck, everyone else was soooo jealous that I smelt good and they didn't.  Then we came home and had a good sleep, then Rachael spoiled it all by trying to brush and soak my neck trying to get the delicious smell out but she couldn't ha ha.

See you soon
Love Lily and Harley xx

3 Apr 12

Hi Mum, we had a great day today, first of all I think Harry really likes Lily cause he was playing with her in the garden and I was even able to join in.  Then we went for a with Pippa, Pippa found a freshly dead rabbit, but I didn't touch it and Rachael didn't allow Pippa to eat it, even though she was just about to tuck in.  I love Pippa, she's so cool, we had a great game in the field in Stoke-by-Nayland, Lily wanted to join in but we were too fast :)

See you soon
Love Harley and Lily x

29 Mar 12

I Mum, we had a fab time today.  Lily did two really funny things, first of all, she kept mistaking Hansi for me, she would wait for Hansi to run past then realise it wasn't me and kept getting confused to where I was, the second thing she did was to cover herself in the black bog in Arger Fen, I didn't recognise her afterwards :)

We got home to Rachael's and crashed for the rest of the afternoon, even Harry was nice to us today.  This is a picture of us :)

See you soon
Love Harley and Pippa xx

28 Mar 12

Hi Mum, we had a great time today, we went to Arger Fen with Hansi, Dritta and Harry.  This is a photo of us all running like a proper pack.  Lily and I were playing all the way around, then I had a quick dip with Dritta and Harry in the pool by the gate to cool off, I put my nose right under the water as I always do.

We're back at home now snoozing until you get home :)

See you soon
Love Harley and Lily xx