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Horse Trials Through The Eyes of a Dog 

There is nothing unusual about horse owners having dogs too and both can become very familiar and comfortable with the presence of the other. Many of these dogs travel happily in horse lorries to these events, stay in the special parking area and soon learn how to behave there and enjoy something which is becomes a part of their normal family activity.

However, this is far from the reality for most of the dogs that are taken to these events by the owners who come as spectators. These dogs are swept along with the vast dense crowds and expected to simply behave in what for them is an unnatural and stressful environment. 

Dogs have no understanding of the future only “the now” and accept that where they are at any given time requires their establishing their place within this situation but how can they do this when there are human legs, pushchairs and endless streams of other dogs everywhere and every four minutes potential ‘lunch’ races past, accompanied by the heightened emotion from the owners, demonstrated by cheers and applause. The ‘lunch’ I refer to is the horse out on the course.

What owners see as a nice day out in the hot sunshine is in fact, for all of the dogs  a huge challenge and they will experience a degree of fear.  Some will quietly walk past everything, hoping to go unnoticed, adopting a semi freeze attitude, the same as people do on a train or plane. Most will pull their handlers from side to side yards in front courtesy of their lethal flexi leads. The dogs don’t know where to go or what to think. 

Many dogs will whine, bark even scream and are often punished for doing this, by embarrassed owners but this will only make the whole situation much worse, as the dog will associate the situation with pain and anger, not to mention being very unfair on the fearful dog. 

I spent just three hours at a trial last weekend and caught on film some very sad dogs, angry owners and listened to commentators asking dog owners to please ensure that their dogs are on leads, as dogs will chase horses (not rocket science). Then there is the inevitable call for the owner of a particular car to return to their vehicle as their dogs are suffering in the heat.  

The problem really is that we recognise stress in our dogs when it’s accompanied by loud whining and barking but most quiet stress is overlooked and I invite you to ‘look’ at the dogs shown here and although I know that many owners believe that this is either normal or acceptable but please think again.

As I drove away I was so content that my own dogs were safely in the cool and peace of their home, and I invite other dogs owners to please look at every situation through the eyes of their dogs and protect them from unnecessary misery.

Jan Fennell
6th September 2012

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