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Talking Paws, run by Rachael, Highly Recommended Jan Fennell Dog Listener. Rachael can help you with any non-medical behavioural problem, or simply set you on the right path to a fulfilling relationship with your best friend.

Holiday Dogs

HOLIDAY DOGS is a new local service designed to help loving doggy owners find appropriate home boarding for their best friends.

Most people nowadays prefer to board their dog within a loving home environment, maintaining their pets routine and ensuring they are happy and content as they are with you. This is, after all the perfect alternative to kennelling! However it’s not always easy to find the perfect dog loving carer who can offer all of these things – well LOOK NO FURTHER! Due to the increasing demand of home boarding I decided to set up HOLIDAY DOGS, with the help of my chosen dog loving host families.

I am now able to offer more and more owners peace of mind whilst they are away from home due to holidays, work etc. Each of my host families are genuine dog lovers and due to their working commitments being extrememly low, they are able to provide your dog with the ultimate care & comfort, giving you absolute peace of mind, flexibility and security. Each host family have all had the relevant checks, are fully insured and have had an inspection of their home completed to RSPCA standards.

Call Mary-Ann on 07840 871547 or Visit holidaydogs.co.uk

The next Group Walk Event will be held aRendlesham Forest Sunday 4th March 2012, meeting at 11am at Butley Corner Car Park for a walk around Daisy's Walk.  

With the help of www.doghousesuffolk.co.uk we shall be raising money for the Animal Health Trust to help them with their investigations into Seasonal Canine Illness.

Registration is £5 with all proceeds going to the Animal Health Trust. Please call Mary-Ann Sherwood-Clarke on 07840 871547 for further information and to obtain a registration form.